What is MapMyVideo?
MapMyVideo is a patented software for videos/audios and multimedia. It is comprised of two modules:

1. Mapmyvideo Creator: Creates a "VideoMap" of in-video segments ("chapters") to easily navigate to key points or topics of interest. Watch a short Tutorial and then try it here.

2. Mapmyvideo Player: Plays back the VideoMap created with the Mapmyvideo Creator. See a Sample. Sharing video maps is easy by using the URL or embedding into your own webpage.

MapMyVideo Advantages
1. Incorporate multiple videos into a single Video Map.
2. Create chapters and sub-chapters to any depth levels just like a book.
3. Frame by frame playback helps for accurate mark placement.
4. Re-order chapters in the VideoMap by drag and drop and the video will follow the new order.
5. Viewers can use the Loop feature to automatically replay a selected chapter.
6. Choose segments from any videos and place them in one VideoMap.
7. Use videos as they stream from YouTube, Vimeo and other online sources. The videos are not downloaded, modified, or tagged in any way.
8. Real cost savings. No need to reshoot a video for a mistake, just skip that section. Update with new material any time by adding other segments from new videos.
9. Share your creation through URL links or embed in your own webpage.
MapMyVideo Industry Uses

Medical education

Surveillance videos

Sports instructions

Music lessons


How-to instructions

Fun videos of your vacations/celebrations/weddings/trips … and many more.